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happy friday everyone. i am sitting alone on my couch in my robe and 4 blankets (i am becoming that person and i love it) i thought i would just come check in because i haven’t in a while. the past month has been kinda strange…




Amazon Prime Day | designlovefest

i’m a big fan of amazon and utilize my prime membership ALL the time. from last minute orders of cat food, to kitchen tools and anything and everything in between. i’m excited to be partnering with them to celebrate prime day (and a half!) and all of the deals you can score on July 16th. prime day last year got a little stressful, things sold out super quickly and it’s hard to know where to start shopping and what to look for. i put together a few prime day shopping tips that you can utilize and make it simple.

amazon prime day | designlovefest

  • make a list of items that you need before you shop the sale. i have an on going list of items that i’m looking to add to my kitchen, things like a new paring knife or kitchen towels. i know what i need so when it goes on sale i can grab it. on prime day, you can save up to 30% on AmazonBasics items, and one of the things i recommend adding to your list is a cast iron skillet. it’s one of my favorite things in my kitchen, great for everything from frying eggs, to roasting a chicken, cooking a steak, etc.
  •  stock up on your everyday essentials, things like razors, vitamins, paper towel, etc. items that you buy frequently and can save on by stocking up.

Amazon Prime Day | designlovefest
Amazon Prime Day | designlovefest

  • buy basics for the bedroom and bathroom, a sale is a great time to refresh your bathroom towels or buy new bedsheets. this blanket (pictured above in pink) is super soft and 100% cotton which is important to me when it comes to bedding, it makes it really breathable! i also love this striped linen duvet which is going to be part of the sale as well.
  • buy investment pieces, there are things like new knives, a powerful blender, juicer, etc that might be on your kitchen wishlist and now is the time to snag them. i’m particularly fond of my Vitamix (this version is available exclusively to amazon prime members).

Amazon Prime Day | designlovefest
amazon prime day | designlovefest

you can utilize there watchlist in the amazon app by adding items you’re eyeing and then you’ll be notified when they goes on sale. what’s on YOUR prime list that you are thinking about getting?!

this post was sponsored by Amazon.



wine talk | designlovefest
 image from wine mag

i’ve read a couple of articles recently that say wine consumption is at an all time high in america which made me think about my own wine drinking habits and realized that is definitely true for me as well. i used to be a mix of a wine and cocktail drinker. especially when eating out, i’d generally order a cocktail but now a days i’m almost exclusively ordering wine.

i also drink more often, i’ll have a glass most nights of the week and i’ve definitely gotten way more picky when it comes to what i drink. it feels like more than ever people are talking about natural wines and knowing where your wine comes from and that trend has certainly caught my attention. mostly because i’ve tried the natural wines and i feel so much better when i drink them, no headaches or foggy mind in the morning. i also used to purchase at the grocery store and just pick up whatever bottle caught my eye but now i find myself visiting a local wine shop instead, something i never really did because i thought wine shops only carried expensive bottles but i find lots of options under $20 which is sort of my threshold, anything under $20. i will say though that the increase in wine consumption has certainly increased my monthly food +beverage expenditures! but, i do find that i drink more often at home, having a friend over for a glass, rather than going out and paying $13+ for a mediocre one at a bar.

anyway, i’m curious if you find yourself drinking more wine these days? or if you’ve jumped on the natural wine bandwagon? do you drink during the week or only on the weekend? do you feel like your drinking preferences have changed with age? part of me thinks that my gravitation towards wine is just part of getting older. i’m always curious about people’s drinking habits. and if you have a favorite wine maker/label that you love and would recommend. i recently bought a few bottles from amplify wines, they’re a husband and wife team here in california and i just opened their white blend last night and it was delicious.

wine talk | designlovefest

i mentioned to my doctor that i was drinking red wine almost nightly, something i thought he’d try to get me to stop doing but he said he didn’t think it was a problem. he said if you’re having more than two glasses i’d tell you to cut back but 1-2 is fine. i thought that was surprising!

in the opposite direction, i’ve also noticed that there is an increase in people talking about going completely sober. how stopping drinking changed their life and i’m equally curious about that. have you thought about giving up drinking entirely? or have you already done it? – joanie

wine talk | designlovefest

all images via wine mag




happy ALMOST weekend! it’s sure been hectic over here in our office. a little life update below…





you know what’s cool? being comfortable enough with someone that you can be your absolute self. exploring that recently, and it’s fun. been putting more weight on my personal life this year, after so many years of work focus. the payoff has been significant and i’ve learned so much. 30 really is a great age to be.


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